The purpose of this scholarship (the term: up to 1 year)

This scholarship is for people from the Pacific Rim and Asia who are trying to come to Japan to do presentation, research, or training in the healthcare field.


Detail of Scholarship 【Year 2020】

Application Deadline: 1st screening date: Mar 31, 2020 (all of the documentations need to come to us by this date)
2nd screening date: Sept 30, 2020 (all of the documentations need to come to us by this date)
Date of Final Screening: 1st screening date: Apr 18, 2020
2nd screening date: To be announced
Qualification Requirements:
  1. Applicants must be able to come to Japan between Apr 1, 2020 and Mar 31, 2021.
  2. Applicants must be from the Pacific Rim and Asia and working in a healthcare field in your country.
  3. Applicants must be doing presentation, research, or training matching the purpose of our foundation.
  4. Applicants who applied for any funds from our foundation within 4 years are not applicable.
The Number of People for This Scholarship: 1〜2 person
Scholarship Amount: 100,000 yen 〜 500,000 yen /person
Required Documents:
1. Application Forms(PA-1, PA-2, PA-3) download
2. Resume written in English (A4 size one page, free format)
*Please use the same photos in 1 and 2.
*Photos must be taken within 3 months.
3. Certification
A copy of school diploma, a verification or certification of your graduated university.
4. License
A copy of your license of your specialty (We accept reduced size copy of the original).
5. Letters from the facilities
Send us letters from the places where you will do presentation, research, or training.
*The letters have to be signed by the representative of the facilities or the organizations where you are planning to work.
6. Recommendation letters
*Applicants need to turn in two recommendation letters. Each letter has to be A4 size, written in English and has to be signed by them.
*One of them has to be from a member of our foundation.
*If neither of them are not our member, please have one of them become a member.

*All the above documentations need to be typed and printed out from the PDF files.
*After you printed out these documentations, please put them in a clear plastic file and send it to us.

Please submit all things stated above before the deadline.

How applicants are selected: Our committee will evaluate all applicants’ documentations carefully and selects an applicant(s) who is suitable for this scholarship.
Announcement of the result: We will notify you by email.
How you will receive the scholarship: The applicant(s) who are selected will need to notify us the date entering Japan using our corresponding sheet. After we check the sheet you have submitted to us, we will send you the funds.
  1. You need to turn in a report of what you have done while you stayed in Japan (Ex. presentation, research, training etc.) We will put your report on JANAMEF NEWS and our webpage.
    * Please use our designated form for your report (A4 size one sheet).
    * You can write it either in Japanese or English.
    * You have to turn in the report within one month after you return to your home country.
  2. You have to become a member of our foundation.
  3. You may need to participate in our seminar or activities run by our foundation.
  4. Allow us to use the followings for JANAMEF NEWS and the annual report of our foundation.
    ・Your name.
    ・The name of the school where you are graduated.
    ・The name of the places where you are working in your country.
    ・The name of the places you did presentation, research, or training in Japan.
Termination of the scholarship
  1. If you gave false information on any application documents.
  2. If you carry out any actions not suitable as a medical personnel.
  3. Failure to do the duties mentioned in the previous section 1~4.


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